Configuring the Magento 2 Integration

After installing or updating the Magento integration, configure payment methods in the following way:

  1. In the Magento admin page, select STORES, and then, under Settings, select Configuration > SALES >Payment Methods >Paysafe Payment Gateway.
  2. Under General Settings, type the following for your card payment method (you can find most of these in your Paysafe account settings):
    • Account Id
    • API Username
    • API Password
    • Single-Use Token
    • Account Number

    You need to set these only once as they are inherited by all payment methods.

  1. Under Payment Methods, select Cards, and then configure the following items:
    • Enabled – set to Yes to enable the card payment method.
    • 3D-S – Set to 3DS Version 2, 3DS Version 1, or No as desired.
    • Title – Payment method title to display to customer.
    • Card types – Use standard MS Windows techniques to select the card(s) supported by your store.
    • Enable AccordD financeYes or No as desired.
    • Test ModeYes to enable test mode, or No to process live payments.
    • DebugYes to create debug logs, or No.
    • New Order Status – Defults to Use System value checkbox ticked, optionally untick to select a new default order status from Magento order status options.

    • Payment Action – Authorize and Capture or Authorize only
    • Payment from Applicable Countries – select All Allowed Countries to allow transactions from all the countries listed in Payment from Specific Countries. Select Specific Countries to allow transactions only from the countries you select in Payment from Specific Countries.
    • Sort Order – define the order in which the card payment method is shown in the order process. Set to 1 to make this method the first listed in the payment widget; set to 2 to make it second, and so on. Choosing a number already assigned to a method increases that method’s number - and that of all subsequent methods - by one.
  1. Click Save Config.

Testing the Integration

Before using the integration in a Production environment, you should test it thoroughly on a Test system to ensure that it runs smoothly.

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