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Paying Using a Card

To pay through Magento using a card:

  1. Select the Paysafe payment method, and then click Place Order.
    The card payment overlay appears; either the Paysafe Checkout overlay or the Paysafe.js overlay.
  2. Type the card information, as appropriate:
    • Cardholder Name
    • Card Number
    • Expiry/Expiration Date
    • CVV code
  1. Click Pay/Pay Now.

If you enabled 3DS you are redirected to the card issuing bank’s website to authorize the card holder before payment is completed.

Checking Order Status

To check the order status, select SALES > Orders. The orders are listed in reverse chronological order, with the Status column containing status messages. The following status messages are the most frequently encountered:

  • Settlement Pending – The payment authorization is complete but the settlement is pending.
  • Payment Accepted – The payment authorization and the settlement are complete.
  • In Review – The payment authorization is pending.
  • Pre-Settlement of Payment – The payment authorization is complete but the settlement has not yet been processed. You can settle the order by capture the payment.
  • Pending Payment – The customer closed the browser after the Paysafe form loaded.
  • Canceled – The order was canceled from the backend.

Manually Posting Pre-settlement Amounts

If a transaction is Pre-settlement of Payment, the amount is reserved on the customer’s credit or debit card. To complete the payment, the transaction amount must be posted. This is done automatically when the invoice is opened in the detailed view.

To generate an invoice for an order:

  1. Select SALES > Orders.
  2. Locate the order, and then, in the Action column, click View to display the order information.
  3. In the banner, click Invoice.
  4. Under Order Totals, if it is not already, set the Amount to Capture Online.
  5. To complete the transaction, click Submit Invoice.

Issuing Refunds

You can refund/credit an order either offline or online. When an order is refunded offline, the change in order status is not reflected in the Paysafe portal, but it is modified in the shop system.

To refund the transaction amount to a client:

  1. Select SALES > Orders, and confirm that the order has a Status of Payment Accepted.
  2. Under Action, click View.
  3. In the banner, click Credit Memo to open the New Memo page.
  4. To perform a partial refund, under Items to Refund, set the Qty to Refund to 0, and then click Update Qty’s. Do not set the Adjustment Fee (under Refund Totals) as it has no effect on the reimbursed amount.
  5. Click Refund to create the credit and send the request to the Paysafe server. Select OK in the confirmation dialogue.
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