nopCommerce Configuration

The nopCommerce open-source eCommerce platform is the basis of thousands of online stores. It contains a catalog front-end and an administration tool back-end, and provides a fully customizable shopping cart.

The module supports the Paysafe Card Payments (without 3DS) and Customer Vault APIs, and the Paysafe.js client SDK.

You can enable credit card payments through Paysafe by installing the nopCommerce Paysafe payment processor on your system using the following procedure:

These instructions assume that you have a Paysafe account.

  1. Download the ZIP file from Paysafe.
  2. Unzip the file into a temporary folder and access its contents.
  3. Copy the Payments.PaySafe folder (containing Description.txt) to your application's /web_root/plugins/ folder.
  4. Log in to your nopCommerce account, and then click Administration to access the Dashboard pages.
  5. Navigate to your plugin list (in the navigation bar, click Configuration > Plugins > Local plugins), to display a list of Local plugins.
  6. Find the row containing the Pay Safe - Credit Card plugin (Payments.Paysafe), and then click Install. This installs the plugin.
    If the plugin is not listed, click Reload list of plugins at the top of the page.
  7. In the Pay Safe - Credit Card row, click Configure to configure the following so that the plugin can use your Paysafe account.
    • Select Use test environment to use the test endpoint. Clear it to use the live endpoint.
    • In Account Id, type your merchant account ID.
    • In Api key username, type your server to server API key user name.
    • In Api key password, type your server to server API key password.
    • In Api single-use token username, type your single-use token API key user name.
    • In Api single-use token password, type your single-use token API key password.
    • In Transact mode, select either Authorize or Authorize And Capture, as required.
    • In Additional fee, type or select the value of an additional fee to add to each transaction. This is either a flat amount or a percentage, depending on the setting of the next parameter.
    • Select Use percent for additional fee to apply the value specified in the preceding parameter as a percentage of the transaction value (for example, 2.0000 = 2%). Clear the check-box to apply the value as a flat amount in the local currency (for example, 2.0000 = $2).
    • The Paysafe JS Url is the URL of the Paysafe.js SDK.
  8. Navigate to Configuration > Payment > Payment methods and ensure that the payment method is active.

For more information about using nopCommerce, visit the nopCommerce documentation portal; for example the installation guide.

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