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Welcome to our Dev Center's new look

Written by The Paysafe Technical Writing team, 29th March, 2023

Paysafe Developer Center


Our newly redesigned Developer Center, Paysafe Developer, went live on 29th March, delivering a completely updated look and feel. With an intuitive documentation filtering system, simpler navigation and a better search, we’ve made it easier for you to find the right product. To complete the revamped developer experience, the API references are now interactive, meaning it’s easier to integrate and test our APIs.

What are the new features?

In addition to a wide range of documentation and example code, the Developer Center has several new features that can help you find the right documentation and integrate with our APIs. More details are provided below but, in summary, these include:

  • API Docs finder page with filters.
  • Improved search function with product filters.
  • Simpler navigation including On This Page links.
  • Interactive API references comprising end point testing.

API Docs finder page

We’ve listed the documentation, API references and SDKs for all of our products in a new API Docs page and categorized them according to their functionality and legacy status. To make it easier to find the product that best matches your needs and location, we've also added filters to the page.

API Docs page with filters

Improved search function

The site has a better search facility too. You can refine your search results by Documentation or by API Reference, and search within the documentation of our most popular products by selecting the relevant product filters.

Search for 'wallet'

Simpler navigation

We’ve also made it easier to navigate within the documentation pages. Now, each product’s documentation is displayed with its own dedicated table of contents and, if this isn’t the documentation you’re looking for, you can use the Back button to head back to the API Docs page. Additionally, we’ve added On This Page navigation to make it easier to move around a page.

Navigating in the Checkout Overview

Interactive API references

As part of enhanced API governance practices, we’ve changed how we build and manage API specifications, benefitting both our internal and external developers. The new specifications integrate with our backend documentation system, providing interactive API references with up-to-date code samples and endpoint testing that works.

POST Verification example

Are there any other benefits?

It’s not just the front-end experience that’s got better – more robust backend systems and internal processes mean that the time we spend on writing and publishing documentation has almost halved. This frees up more of our time to spend on improving the Developer Center and adding new features.

What next?

So what’s coming next? We’re planning to continue adding new features and capabilities over the next few months and on into 2024. Next on the roadmap is a French language version of the site, more articles, and a Sign Up form giving you the option to sign up for a test account and start experimenting with our Sandbox.

If you’ve got any feedback for us, or ideas for new features, we’d love to hear from you – just get in touch or use the feedback buttons at the bottom of the documentation pages.

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