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The Interac® verification service allows a merchant to verify the customer's identity information using their online banking credentials. The verification is done in a user interface that Paysafe presents to the customer. Once the customer has verified that they own the bank account, the merchant can then proceed to fetch the required user information. 

Interac® verification service is available only in Canada. 

Setup Requirements

Before you start integrating, ensure to:

  1. Apply for the accounts you need to test your integration.
  2. This guide assumes that you have developer-level knowledge of REST-based APIs, which you use to connect to the Paysafe platform. 
  3. Reach out to your account manager for setting up Interac® verification service. 
Required Info from Relying Party /Digital Asset Consumer Description
Entity Name (English) Name to display on the UI / App
Entity Name (French) Name to display on the UI / App
  1. companySmallLogo is max-width: 200px; max-height: 200px; in SVG format both French and English. The image has to be in a transparent background square with a round logo shape to display on the UI / App. 
  2.  companyBigLogo is width: 255px; height: 55px; in SVG format both French and English.
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