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Auto Split Backs

The Auto-Split-Back capability allows system-initiated reversals to be automated for original split transactions. It refers to the case where the payments are returned to the customer pulling funds from linked accounts corresponding to the initial transaction.

Auto-Split-Backs are applicable for system-initiated reversals: Chargebacks, and Direct Debit Returns.

High-Level Flow Diagram

Standard Model

Sub Account Model (Sub-payee)

Key Features/Limitations

  • When a system-initiated reversal occurs, and if Auto-Split-Back feature is turned on, it will pull funds from the linked accounts equal to distribution in the original transaction

  • The transaction types supported in this flow includes but not limit to Chargeback, Reversal, NSF, and other DD returns

  • Auto Split Back is supported for partners using Split Pay and sub-payee model

  • In case of sub-account model (Gross Funding), the complete transaction amount will be charged to the processing account regardless of the splits on the original transaction. Partners may use Balance Transfer API in this case to move funds into accounts.

Please contact your account Manager or Support if Auto-Split-Back flag feature needs to be turned on.