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Create a Google Pay Single-Use Token

POST /customervault/v1/googlepaysingleusetokens

The Customer Vault API allows you to create a Paysafe single-use token on top of the Google Pay single-use token returned on the Android device by Google Pay. The Paysafe token is then used to process a purchase through the Card Payments API. Single-use tokens are valid for only 15 minutes and are not consumed by verification.

You have to generate a new single-use token for each Card Payments API transaction you wish to process.

The example below shows you how to create a single-use token on top of a Google Pay single-use token. The response contains a paymentToken value that you include with your authorization or purchase request.

Before trying the example, you should:

  • Replace the API key (after the u) with your API key for single-use tokens.
  • Replace the values for the googlePayPaymentToken sub-elements with valid values from the Android device.

curl -X POST \
-u OT1625:B-qa2-0-53625f86-302c021476f52bdc9deab7aea876bb28762e62f92fc6712d0214736abf501e9675e55940e83ef77f5c304edc7968 \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d ' {
"googlePayPaymentToken": {
"signature": "MEYCIQC3SyFpLO3yVxqYeVDeFJ8rHbkSSe4TyuATINrAMmzf9AIhALusXhNPJvWVoEUo5ZjSXIK8dx/GMswkdQiqp4/xCd/D",
"protocolVersion": "ECv1",
"signedMessage": "<signed_message_from_google_payment_api>"
Value Required? Type Description
googlePayPaymentToken Yes object Payment data object generated from the Android device for Google Pay.

The example response below is for a card that Google has on file for the customer. Some cards will have the paymentMethod parameter set to TOKENIZED_CARD, which means the card is registered with Android Pay.

"id": "a02e52c7-c991-4418-966a-b62989cb0eae",
"paymentToken": "GTCJskXfjWqo34U",
"timeToLiveSeconds": 899,
"googlePayPaymentToken": {
"ephemeralPublicKey": "BDR57RpnLXtBEuKZfuVKNTym9u2q93bXxAds+Gpe0VwBw8nL6dyMaEENB4hnXRglx0QQYRHoxc1qKwNBqBnx4qY=",
"tag": "8EKZt7vGFjtvuukkWlc5U93h+PBxjB7YKJF/w32Wfk8=",
"paymentMethod": "CARD_ON_FILE",
"messageId": "AH2EjtdtxE5P5FVoHjoVhVJiaslejbWZePOtu2G2nyZYJpZVIWeNV_tJYodBbX9iuZWMCUe_aBOVim6sKd1u2-KUSia5C9WNqGw7tTVy1epkqjxDhMBCnxQ6C8WJcMJ9luBWWjOnrHzb",
"messageExpiration": "1506708174199"
"card": {
"status": "ACTIVE",
"cardBin": "411111",
"lastDigits": "8298",
"cardType": "VI"
Value Type Description
id string ID for the request.
paymentToken string This is the single-use payment token that will be used for the Authorization/Purchase request.
timeToLiveSeconds integer The period of time the single-use token is valid before expiration, in seconds, returned in the response.
googlePayPaymentToken object Payment data object generated from the Android device for Google Pay.
card object These are the details of the virtual card.

See our full API Reference section for a complete description.

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