Introduction to Google Pay


Your customers already use their phones for just about everything. They can make payments effortlessly inside your mobile app or while shopping on your website on their mobile device. With just a few clicks, customers can use any card stored in their Google account – including their Android Pay* credentials. Payment options are available to your customers even if they don't have cards added to Android Pay while they're shopping online and in apps. Through Google Pay, Google provides access to hundreds of millions of cards it has stored for users through purchases on Google Play, YouTube, and Chrome.

Google Pay greatly reduces shopping card abandonment and increases your conversion by adding convenience, security, and ease of use.

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Effortless Checkout in Apps and Online

Google Pay gives users more options to pay. The mobile shopping experience is simplified to just a few clicks as the payment options are made available to the users from their Google Accounts. Users pay with either an Android Pay tokenized card or any card stored in their Google Accounts from previous purchases. Just tap on the card you would like to pay with – it's that simple.

Pay with Cards Stored in Google Accounts

Wide Availability

With over 2.2 billion active users and 2 billion monthly active devices, Google has arguably one of the biggest user bases worldwide, with seven of its services surpassing 1 billion users each. The cards used for users' purchases such as games and apps on Google Play, content on YouTube, Google Photos/Drive, etc. now become available to the users regardless of where they are shopping. Integrate with Google Pay now and access the incredibly vast number of stored payment credentials.

Of course, Android Pay is accepted at millions of stores, online shopping sites, and apps around the world, and the cards in Android Pay are also available for users of Google Pay.

Google Pay

All the Security You Need … And More

  • Benefits – Whether you're racking up miles or earning points, and paying with Android Pay or cards in your Google accounts, you can continue to do just that with Google Pay. You'll enjoy all the same rewards, benefits, and protections you're used to from your bank.
  • Safety – When you pay using Google Pay, your actual card number (Primary Account Number or PAN) isn’t stored on the mobile device or shared with the merchant. Instead, Google sends an encrypted Payment bundle to the merchant that only a trusted payment service provider such as Paysafe can decrypt. Further, when you pay with Android Pay, your actual card number isn’t visible even to the payment provider. Google sends a virtual account number (digital PAN or DPAN) to represent your real card (visible only to the issuer) — so your information stays safe and secure.
  • Peace of Mind – If your phone is ever lost or stolen, your cards with Google are still safe, and you can use Android Device Manager to instantly lock it from anywhere, secure it with a new password, or wipe it clean of personal data.

Google Pay Usage Guidelines

The following links provide information on the correct usage of Google and Google Pay collateral in your products, including in your apps, web sites, and marketing materials.

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