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File-based Option

This section describes the file-based method of using the Account Updater, where you upload files containing payment card data to Paysafe, which replies with information that you use to update your own records.

Merchant requirements

To use the file-based option, you must:

  • Update any databases containing account information within five days of receiving results for the Account Updater service; this ensures that the latest updates are used for the next billing run.
  • Have a continuous relationship with your cardholders, such that you already have card account numbers and expiry dates on file for customers with an active recurring billing and/or subscription service with you.
  • Remove from your databases any information for any account for which you receive one of the following responses from the Account Updater service:
    • Contact Cardholder
    • Closed

    Alternatively, you can disable the billing service for that account, halt any pending shipment of goods, or contact the cardholder to retrieve new card information to use.

Process overview

The file-based process is as follows:

  1. Set up SFTP and PGP.
  2. Create Account Updater files of customer card account queries and upload them to the Account Updater service.

Files received by 5.30 a.m. Eastern time (EST) are processed the same day – files received after 5.30 a.m. EST are processed the next day at 5.30 a.m. You can upload multiple Account Updater files in a single day; however, Paysafe recommends that you send all records in a single file before the deadline, as this eases record tracking.

  1. Paysafe queries the file against the Account Updater database of each card association.
  2. Normally, within 24 hours (but in rare circumstances, up to 4 days) Paysafe will return to you a file containing query response codes for most records (see Downloading a response file for details and exceptions).
  3. Update your billing file with the new, correct card account information.

Paysafe recommends running the Account Updater service at least twice annually.