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Before You Start

The Hosted Payments API is no longer actively supported by Paysafe. Although it is still functional, we recommend that all new and existing customers integrate into our new products – Paysafe Checkout for an out-of-the-box payment option, or Paysafe.js for a customizable checkout experience.


  • To use the Hosted Payments API you must be PCI-DSS compliant to level SAQ-A or SAQ-AEP.
  • Before you start integrating, be sure to apply for the accounts you need to test your integration.
  • This guide assumes that you have developer-level knowledge of REST-based APIs, which you use to connect to the Paysafe platform.

Using the REST API

  • API calls use the REST architecture. All requests and responses use the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format.
  • Test API calls can be sent to the Paysafe platform using cURL. Alternatively, you can use a graphical browser-based REST client tool such as Postman or the Advanced Rest Client. An example is provided in the section on REST architecture.
  • All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail.
  • API requests without authentication will fail.