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The Software Development Kit for Web is a JavaScript library with a simple set of tools that allow you to easily communicate with the Paysafe Wallet API. The SDK is written in TypeScript and exposes a set of type declaration files, which can be used in order to ease your type checking.

By using the SDK, you can take advantage of pre-built features such as:

  • Automatic SDK setup
  • Automatic token management
  • Built-in services for performing HTTP API calls to the Paysafe Wallet API
  • Others


The SDK uses the Fetch API for performing HTTP requests in both node and the browser. This would require:

  • Node 18.0.0 or higher
  • Modern browser version with Fetch API support

Main concepts


The SDK is promise-based and all API operations return a promise. This allows you to easily chain operations, handle both success and error cases and implement the flow that best suits your needs.


All SDK features are exposed through the Wallet object. The Wallet object is responsible for the SDK setup and all services and API operations are accessible through it.

Wallet Operations

The SDK provides a set of services that are used for performing HTTP requests to the Paysafe Wallet API. Each of those services are responsible for different flows, such as user management, transactions, deposits, etc.

Error handling

The SDK provides a unified approach to handling errors by returning a WalletError object as a response whenever an error is returned by the Paysafe Wallet API.

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