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Embedded Wallets payments are conversions to and from e-money where Paysafe is the e-money license bearer and custodian.

Paysafe Embedded Wallet supports the following embedded wallet payments:

  • Deposits - top up the wallet balance
  • Withdrawals - withdraw money from your wallet balance
  • Refunds - used by merchants to return deposited money back to customers

These operations are supported by leveraging the Paysafe's Payments API, with wallet-specific enhancements.

Payments API is enhanced by an additional wallet parameter to specify the wallet account in which the funds are settled.

Embedded Wallets do not support all payment methods and flows offered by Payments API for pure merchant scenarios! Always refer to Embedded Wallets documentation for information on what payment methods and flows are supported for Embedded Wallets.

Supported Payment Methods

Payment Methods represent the supported customer's payment instruments for deposit and withdrawal operations.

The supported payment methods are:

In development

  • USA (ACH) bank deposits and withdraws
  • Paysafecard deposit

Authorisation and Settlement

One-step payment refers to payment where authorization/capture of funds occurs at the same time. This is relatively common for many alternative payment methods where the customer authenticates and authorizes the payment through a channel provided by the PSP. Typically, once the customer has authorized the payment, funds are immediately allocated and confirmed by the PSP.

This behavior is controlled in Payment API by settleWithAuth Payment Handle property. Embedded Wallets only support settleWithAuth=true, meaning delayed settlements is not supported for deposits.

Refund operation should be used to return deposited money to the customer.

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