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Direct Debit Payments

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The Paysafe Direct Debit API enables you to connect to the Paysafe Payments Platform to accept payments directly from customer bank accounts and to issue payments (credits) to customer bank accounts.

Here is a summary of the process:

  1. The customer places an order on the merchant's website.
  2. The merchant securely transfers the order information (including bank information and purchase amount) to Paysafe. Note that for certain bank schemes, a mandate reference number must be included in the request.
  3. Paysafe sends the transaction request to a Direct Debit clearing house.
  4. The Direct Debit charge request is routed to the customer's bank. At this point, the bank information is verified.
  5. The transaction is approved by the customer's bank and the approval relayed via Paysafe to the Merchant server.
  6. The customer is informed of the approval.
  7. The customer's bank transfers the money to the merchant's bank account.
  8. The transaction is completed in real time, but in most cases the request clears in 3–5 business days, by which time payment will be deposited in the merchant's business bank account. Merchants can look up any Direct Debit transaction they have processed with Paysafe, including charges and credits, using either the Direct debit API or the Paysafe Merchant Back Office.

The following major bank payment schemes are supported, along with the currency you can use with each:

Bank Payment Scheme Currency

You can take advantage of tokenized Direct Debit requests when you store your customers' bank data in the Paysafe Customer Vault and use the returned token for repeat payments. See the Scenarios section for a quick overview of integration options when using the API.

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