API Reference

Paysafe provides detailed API Reference documentation for our REST APIs with full information on all endpoints and JSON objects used.

Paysafe recommends that new customers use the Getting Started section, which contain a more general overview, before trying the API Reference documentation.


The Paysafe Card Payments API offers a full suite of credit and debit card functionality to meet all your card-processing needs. With a single integration you can process a complete range of card requests, including authorizations/purchases, settlements, refunds, card verifications, standalone credits, and more. All card payment requests are protected by Paysafe’s airtight risk- and fraud-management services.


The Paysafe 3D Secure API offers you full control of the cardholder authentication process for your e-commerce platform. Use our API to run authentication requests that confirm your online customer’s identity. Then, include the returned authentication data in your credit card authorization requests with our Card Payments API. With the Paysafe 3D Secure API, you can be proactive in mitigating fraud and enjoy the benefits of increased customer security and reduced fraud-related costs. 

Paysafe is compliant to 3D Secure version 2.1.0.

The Paysafe Customer Vault API provides the ultimate in tokenization services. With this API you create a profile for your customer, including all contact information. Then add a payment method, which can be a credit card, a bank account, or both – all major credit cards and banking schemes are supported. Paysafe returns a secure payment token to you, which you can then use to process purchase requests through the Card Payments API or the Direct Debit API, as appropriate – the payment token represents all the customer data required for the request.

The Paysafe Direct Debit API lets you accept online payments directly from your customer’s bank account. We currently support most major bank payment schemes, including ACH, EFT, BACS, and SEPA. With this integration you can process a complete range of Direct Debit requests, including purchases, credits, and cancellations. And when you process with Paysafe, our superior risk-management services help protect all your payment requests.

You can easily and securely process payments from your customers using one single API – The Payments API. The Paysafe Payments API helps you to process payments of your customers using a variety of payment methods and a single API Endpoint."

Alternate Payments

Businesses can quickly grow by offering targeted, localized payment methods in key markets. 


API Reference




The Paysafe integrated partner program enables partners to offer our full suite of payment services to their merchants. Paysafe provides an Account Management API to allow partners to create a customized on-boarding process. This is used to on-board merchants as part of their application for processing payments.