Paysafe's Alternate Payments API can be used to take payments using a number of alternate payment methods (APMs) popular in countries around the world. This API supports the following payment methods:

Logo Payment Type Refunds Supported Countries Currencies
Real-Time Bank Transfer Yes Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland and UK EUR
Real-Time Bank Transfer Yes Netherlands EUR
Mobile (Carrier billing) Yes UK, Sweden, Switzerland



Real-Time Bank Transfer No Germany EUR

Payment Flow

The Payment Flow is summarized by the following diagram:

Alternate Payment Flow

  1. The Customer is ready to Checkout and selects an Alternate Payment Method
  2. The Merchant sends a Create Payment request using the Paysafe APM REST API
  3. If the request is successful, Paysafe responds with a redirect URL hosted by the Payment Provider and a payment id.
  4. The Merchant redirects the Customer's browser to the payment provider URL.
  5. The Customer logs in and authorizes the payment.
  6. Once payment authorization is complete (or fails), the customer is redirected back to the merchant supplied return url.
  7. The Merchant website can check the payment status using the payment id returned in Step 3 above.
  8. Once payment is complete, Paysafe receive the funds from the Payment Provider and transfers them to the Merchant's account.


Authentication is the same as the other Paysafe APIs. See the following article for more details.

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