Digital Invoicing

With Digital Invoicing, you can request payments from customers by sharing a payment link via email along with an invoice. In addition, you can digitally generate a receipt directly from within the Business Portal and share it via email on successful payments. You can also manage and monitor your payment links and invoices from the Digital Invoicing page.

You must configure branding in order to use the Digital Invoicing feature. See Customize Invoices for more details.

This chapter talks about:

  1. Filter payment links
  2. Create a new payment link
  3. Configure Display Fields

Filter Payment Links

You can search or filter the payment links using the different options available on the Digital Invoicing page.

After selecting the filters, click Apply. Click on the Link ID to view more information.

Full details of the payment link appear.

Create a New Payment Link

To create a new payment link:

  1. On the Digital Invoicing page, click Create Payment Link.

  2. Enter the following details in the Customer and Billing Details section:

    1. In the Basic Information pane, enter First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number.

    2. In the Billing Address Information pane, enter Address, City, State, Country, and Zip Code.

    3. In the Shipping Address Information pane, enter Address, City, State, Country, and Zip Code.

      Note: You can also select Same as Billing Address Information if the Billing Address and Shipping Address are both the same.

  3. Click Proceed to Payment Details. The Payment Details page appears.

  4. In the Payment Information pane, enter Payment Amount, select Payment Amount, enter Card Account, and enter ACH Account.

  5. In the Set Link Expiry pane, select Valid From, and Valid For.

  6. Click Generate Link.

Configure Display Fields

You can configure fields that appear in the Digital Invoicing page and determine which fields should be visible while submitting a transaction.

From the Information Sections, select the individual sections (Consumer Information, Billing Information, Shipping Information, and Payment Information) and the select the respective fields. click Save.

Note: You cannot edit the mandatory fields which are defined by default.

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