Adding payments to your software platform or marketplace can improve the stickiness of your offering, while also building a new revenue stream for your business. Paysafe’s suite of APIs puts you in control, allowing you to manage the user onboarding experience as well as the buyer checkout experience.

Many platforms charge fees for merchants and users using their solution. Paysafe can manage the settlement of these fees directly to your bank account, keeping your platform out of the flow of funds, which can save you time and help to avoid financial regulation.

Paysafe offers the following key features to our platform partners:

  • Use the Paysafe Account Management API to onboard merchants and users. If you prefer, you can use Paysafe's Web-based onboarding application. Either method leverages Paysafe’s automated decision engine, allowing your users to quickly start processing.
  • Integrate to Paysafe's payment-processing APIs and use our Card Payments API or Hosted Payments API to process payments for merchants and users you have onboarded. You can process credit cards, Direct Debit for all the major bank schemes, and a variety of alternate payment instruments.
  • Use our webhooks to automate business processes within your system by receiving API callbacks for a variety of events.
  • Expand your business with ease – our solutions are available in Canada, Europe, and the US.

Paysafe offers the following services for software and marketplace platforms:

Account Management API

The Paysafe REST-based Account Management API enables our platforms to create their own white-labeled merchant onboarding experience. Platforms will be able to tailor their user experience to their businesses, using client information that they have already collected and verified. Once Paysafe receives a merchant application, we will quickly enable that user for the payment methods selected, including credit card processing and alternative payments. With this improved user experience, platform partners will experience higher merchant onboarding conversion rates, which will in turn lead to increased processing volumes.

See the Account Management API page for more information about Paysafe's automated onboarding services.

Split Payouts

Paysafe's Split Payouts feature allows platforms and merchants to use the Card Payments API or the Direct Debit API to split transactions among linked accounts. Split Payouts offers two distinct advantages:

  1. It enables software and marketplace platforms to receive service fees directly from their users' accounts as a part of each transaction, instead of waiting for a later settlement date.
  2. It allows merchants and users who have multiple bank accounts to share and distribute payments among those accounts. For example, an educational institution might maintain different accounts for different departments, and as a result wants to split a single payment transaction among those different accounts.

In order to be able to split transactions among merchant accounts, Paysafe must first configure your Partner account for this service so that the merchant accounts you onboard are linked with your Partner account and enabled with this capability.

See the Split Payouts Capability page for full details on the advantages of Split Payouts and how you can implement it.

Balance Transfers

Balance transfer requests allow platform partners to use the Account Management API to transfer balances between their own Partner account and any merchant accounts that are linked to that Partner account. For example, a platform might want to be able to issue a credit to a user as a part of a promotion. In order for you to be able to Transfer Balances, Paysafe must first configure your Partner account so that the merchant accounts you onboard are linked with your Partner account and enabled with this capability.

See the Balance Transfers page for full details, including information about being configured for this service by Paysafe.

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