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Instant Withdrawal - Interchecks

About Interchecks

Interchecks are an instant card withdrawal method. Interchecks is tailored for iGaming purposes and empowers VISA Direct consumers to withdraw their funds rapidly, with the amount becoming available for use within seconds. 

Interchecks at a glance

Payment type


  • Only Visa and Mastercard debit cards are supported. 
  • Apple Pay saved debit cards can be used. 
Consumer markets United States (US)
Processing currency USD
Single payments


Merchant-initiated payments



Linked   Unlinked 

  • Payment flow: Merchant-direct
  • 1-step authentication and capture:  YES
  • 2-step authientication then capture:  NO
  • Minimum amount: $0.01
  • Maximum amount: $25,000


Guarantee NO
Refunds NO
Reporting You can review your transactions in the Paysafe business portal and detailed reports on the Interchecks portal. 
Funding For withdrawals, you maintain a liquidity balance with Interchecks, which you need to fund through wire transfer. 
Languages supported EN


To use Interchecks on a gateway, you need:

  1. Standard Paysafe credentials.
  2. A contract with Paysafe and technical integration with Interchecks. You need to provide the following details to Paysafe:
    • For withdrawals: Client ID, Client Secret, and Payer ID. 

An assigned solution engineer/ support manager can guide you through these steps.


Paysafe's certification is sufficient. It is optional to obtain a separate certification with Interchecks if you have already been certified by Paysafe. 

Integration options

Payments API:  YES

Paysafe Checkout:  YES

Paysafe JS:  YES

Supported use cases

You can make the following types of transactions:

  • Use case 1: Withdrawals with saved cards. 
  • Use case 2: Withdrawals with Apple Pay cards. 

Use Case 1: Withdrawals with Saved Cards

When customers withdraw using cards saved in their Apple Pay wallet, a tokenized version of the card is used through the Apple Pay SDK. 

To do a payout/withdrawal using Interchecks: 

  1. Create a consumer and save the card. 
  2. After saving the card to the consumer, call the withdrawal endpoint for all transactions:
    • By calling the Standalone Credit API, use the permanent paymentHandleToken and Interchecks specific account ID to complete the withdrawal. 
    • POSTpaymenthub/v1/standalonecredits
  3. Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive a that can be used for reconciliation purposes. 

Note: For code examples and detailed explanations of the parameters, see Payments API Reference.

Flow Diagram

Use case 2: Withdrawals with Apple Pay cards

Apple Pay is a pass-through wallet that facilitates contactless payments by securely transmitting consumers' credit or debit card information to merchants. It acts as an intermediary, encrypting and tokenizing sensitive data to protect consumers' financial details. Integration with the Apple Pay SDK enables a seamless payment experience within apps or websites. To allow withdrawals using cards saved in the Apple Pay wallet of consumers involves using Apple Pay SDK, which gives a tokenized version of the card, and the remaining process remains the same. 

To do a payout/withdrawal using Interchecks: 

  1. Get the tokenized card information using the SDK; the SDK response has to be passed in Payment Handle API. For more details, see Apple Pay
  2. Complete the payment. 
  3. Create the consumer and save the card. 
  4. Once the card is saved to the customer, you can directly call the withdrawal endpoint for all transactions:
    • Use the permanent paymentHandleToken and Interchecks specific account ID to complete the withdrawal using the Standalone Credit API.
    • POST: paymenthub/v1/standalonecredits
  5. After completing the transaction, you will receive the which can be used for reconciliation purposes.


  1. Use the following BIN number.
    • MC VISA and US DEBIT BIN: 514377 411774.
  2. Sample Cards
VISA MasterCard

Simulation Cases

Simulation Amount in minor Unit (901=9.01 USD) HTTP Error Code API Response
901 503 {
    "error": {
        "code": "1007",
        "message": "Gateway Error",
        "details": [
            "Error communicating with downstream provider.",
            "Interchecks service is unavailable"
    "id": "64074eef-02c7-4f5d-b93d-90dd5cd206c8",
    "liveMode": false
902 402  {
    "error": {
        "code": "3037",
        "message": "Your request has been declined because it is invalid.",
        "details": [
            "12:Invalid transaction"
    "id": "00321a88-8127-45ed-8b80-bd6bd61cbad5",
    "liveMode": false
903 502  {
    "error": {
        "code": "1001",
        "message": "External Gateway Error.",
        "details": [
            "Error depositing funds"
    "id": "0593f4e8-c08a-431e-8ffd-8725cb0e6759",
    "liveMode": false
904 402  {
    "error": {
        "code": "5021",
        "message": "Your transaction request has been declined.",
        "details": [
            "Insufficient funds"
    "id": "a5d03253-05ee-4f17-b284-69347638cfac",
    "liveMode": false
905 402  {
    "error": {
        "code": "3027",
        "message": "The external processing gateway has reported a limit has been exceeded.",
        "details": [
            "Transaction failed due to velocity controls"
    "id": "3c15bb2f-94df-408c-83ee-3a216d57df24",
    "liveMode": false