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About Pay by Bank (US)

Pay by Bank allows consumers to make instant, real-time payments and withdrawals on merchant webstores direct from their bank account via the US-based Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

To use Pay by Bank, a consumer simply logs into their existing bank interface to connect their account, and from that point they can use their bank account to pay with a single click.

Pay by Bank at a glance

Payment type

Bank Transfer (ACH)

Consumer markets United States (US)
The consumer is debited in USD
Processing currency USD
Single payments


  • Payment flow:  Redirect
  • 1-step auth & capture:  NO
  • 2-step auth then capture:  YES
  • Minimum amount:  N/A
  • Maximum amount:  Set on a per merchant basis, with 10,000 USD as default maximum.
  • Payments API:  YES  Checkout:  YES  Paysafe JS:  NO
Merchant-initiated payments



Linked:  YES  Unlinked:  NO

  • Payment flow:  Merchant-hosted
  • 1-step auth & capture:  YES
  • 2-step auth then capture:  NO
  • Minimum amount:  N/A
  • Maximum amount:  N/A




Refunds NO
Reporting You can review your transactions in the Paysafe Business Portal.

For all payments and withdrawals, Paysafe settles the net amount (payments - withdrawals - fees) directly to your bank account on the next business day.

Languages supported EN
Dynamic descriptor NO

Note on currencies

  • You can submit payments in the following presentment currencies: USD.
  • For the best consumer experience, we recommend that you submit payments in the consumer’s local currency so that a single currency is used throughout the payment experience: USD (United States).


To use Pay by Bank on our gateway, you need:

  • Your standard Paysafe credentials.

Your assigned solution engineer/ support manager can guide you through these steps.


Unless you use our Checkout, you also need to certify with Paysafe prior to going live. Your assigned solution engineer/ support manager can help you with this.

Integration options

We offer the following integration options for Pay by Bank:

Payments API:  YES

Paysafe Checkout:  YES

Paysafe JS:  NO

Supported use cases

You can make the following types of transaction:

  • Use case 1: Payments
  • Use case 2: Linked withdrawals

Best practice

We recommend that you follow these best practice guidelines:

  1. Use a webhook or query so that you always know the latest status - for example, you cannot rely on the consumer returning to your website as some consumers may close their browser.
  2. In the case of subsequent payment handle requests for any transaction type, pass profile and billingDetails objects. This enables us to present a smoother payment journey for consumers who have already used Pay by Bank.
  3. Prominently display a Pay by Bank Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) link and disclaimer text during the checkout process:
    • T&Cs link:
    • Disclaimer text: "Pay by Bank is powered by Skrill USA, Inc.  Skrill USA, Inc. is registered with FinCEN and duly licensed as a money transmitter in various U.S. states."

      New consumers must actively acknowledge acceptance of these terms by checking a designated box for example, before proceeding with the transaction. Returning consumers should have access to the T&Cs link without the need for explicit acceptance.
  4. Utilize out-of-process WebView mode when integrating Pay by Bank into mobile applications. This is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of the multiple redirects that occur when verifying and connecting the consumer's bank account.

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