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About Venmo

Venmo is an American mobile payment platform that enables customers to use their Venmo accounts to make purchases on iOS, Android, or the desktop website. Customers can seamlessly pay for all future transactions using Venmo by connecting their Venmo wallet to the merchant's mobile app, mobile website, or desktop website.

The current release of Venmo's payment product for merchants is only available for certain business models. The following are the use cases that are not supported include:

  • Selling goods or services in person
  • Receiving payment for goods or services through the Venmo app
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer transactions between two Venmo users

You can accept Venmo as a payment method if none of the above apply. Also, one must process (or plan to process) transactions using a US business entity.

Venmo (Digital Wallet) dominated the US market in 2021 with a 58% share of peer-to-peer payment users, forecasted to reach 62% of P2P market share in 2025.

User Journey includes Deposits, Payouts and Refunds (future enhancement project)

Typical Scenarios

  1. Deposits/Payments: customer initiates a payment request by selecting Venmo at merchant’s app or website.

    • If the customer is using Venmo as payment method for the first time, he/she is redirected to Venmo app/webpage where customer’s consent is taken for allowing to use Venmo as payment method (and for reoccurring payments) for the merchant. Payment method token and Venmo user ID are stored at our end to create a 1:1 mapping between merchant and customer’s Venmo account.

    • Once customer is created, then Transaction Sale API is initiated for deposit i.e., transferring fund from customer’s Venmo account to merchant’s Braintree account.

    • If user has already used Venmo before and his/her details are already saved, then merchant directly hits the Transaction Sale API without redirecting to Venmo app/webpage. User details are fetched from Braintree vault.

  2. Withdrawals/Payouts: customer initiates a withdrawal request over merchant’s site and selects Venmo

    • Merchant hits the PayPal’s pay-out API for processing the request. Receives batch ID in response

    • For successful standalone credits gets transferred to customer’s Venmo account from merchant’s account. Merchant confirms the status by hitting GET call using the shared batch ID

User Journey

Testing Overview: Braintree

  • To execute and verify the Venmo payment method on Braintree, refer to the link here
  • To execute and verify the Venmo payment method on Paypal Payouts, refer to the link here.

The Sandbox environment is where the Venmo payment method can be tested, whereas the production environment is managed by the merchant.


Type Scenario Description
Positive Payment Handle for Deposits
Positive Verification Payment Handle
Positive Payments for Deposits
Positive Verification Payment Handle
Positive Settlement Verification for the Deposits
Negative Currency Checks (USD) Enter Invalid Currency and check the response
Negative Remove Payment Type
Negative Remove the Mandatory Customer Information
Negative Braintree Receive Limits

Applying for a Test Account

For player testing, Venmo business or personal account, sign up at:

To create a test account, you must be a resident of the USA and have a bank account in the US.