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You can configure the following webhooks for Pay by Bank:

Payment Handle webhooks

Webhook Description
PAYMENT_HANDLE_PAYABLE The payment handle token has been successfully created and can be used for the next API call when the preliminary requirements are completed.
PAYMENT_HANDLE_PROCESSING The consumer was successfully redirected to the payment platform's page and has started the payment process.

The associated payments or standalonecredits API call has been initiated, and the payment handle process has completed.

PAYMENT_HANDLE_EXPIRED The next step was not initiated within the specified time frame (timeToLiveSeconds) after the payment handle was created.
NOTE: timeToLiveSeconds is returned in the payment handle response and represents the number of seconds the paymentHandleToken is valid before expiration.
PAYMENT_HANDLE_FAILED The consumer was successfully redirected to the payment platform's page, but a technical error occurred and Paysafe didn't receive the final communication.

Payment webhooks

Webhook Description
PAYMENT_PROCESSING The payment is in progress. In some cases, delays can occur due to pending actions by either the consumer or by you.
PAYMENT_PENDING The payment is pending because the transaction from the consumer's bank account to you hasn't yet been completed.
The payment was completed successfully. 
PAYMENT_FAILED The payment failed during the payment process.

Withdrawal webhooks

Webhook Description
SA_CREDIT_PENDING The withdrawal has been initiated, but the money transfer has not yet happened due to bank delays or time zone issues.
SA_CREDIT_COMPLETED The withdrawal was completed successfully.
SA_CREDIT_FAILED The transaction was initially completed but later failed due to a settlement error.
SA_CREDIT_ERRORED A technical error occurred during initiation of the transaction.

For more information about webhooks, see Configure Webhooks.